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Aluminum Products Testing Method


There are two methods of testing according to the amount of aging test products.

1. Aging box;Mainly aimed at plastic products, and the quantity and volume is not very large products more practical

2. Aging cabinet or aging room;Mainly for high-performance electronic products (such as: computer machine, monitors, terminals, automotive electronics, power supply, motherboard, monitors, switching charger, etc.) the simulation of a kind of high temperature, bad environment testing equipment, is one of the important experimental equipment to improve product stability, reliability, and is the production enterprise important production process, to improve product quality and the competitive this equipment is widely used in power electronics, computer, communication, biological, pharmaceutical and other fields.

Our aluminum products are suitable for outdoor water pipes, light aging is the main damage caused by outdoor materials, so we carry out anti-aging test, so that all aspects of the performance of our products are more stable and perfect, we will also report to customers, so that customers more trust and satisfaction of our products.