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Development Characteristics And Trends Of Garden Tool Industry

(1) International manufacturing transfer, domestic manufacturers develop independent brand building With the increase in production costs, garden tool manufacturers in developed countries in Europe and the United States have changed their minds and transferred their production and manufacturing to developing countries. On the one hand, they build production bases in developing countries, such as STIHL, TTI, Komatsu, etc. In terms of cooperation with domestic manufacturers using OEM, ODM and other models, these cooperation models have created business opportunities for domestic garden tool manufacturers. When domestic manufacturers cooperate with foreign manufacturers, they carry out product quality management and production according to the requirements of the other party. Foreign manufacturers regularly inspect the production management process and product quality. This helps domestic manufacturers learn from the international advanced level. Improve the product development and production management capabilities of domestic manufacturers.

(2) Improve the environmental protection of garden tool products In recent years, with global warming and serious environmental pollution, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. The requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations of various countries on garden tools are gradually increasing, such as the European Union II emission standards and the US EPA standards. The development of garden tools tends to higher environmental protection requirements.

(3) The appearance needs of garden tool products are becoming increasingly diversified With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers prefer a beautiful and novel product on the basis of environmental protection and practicality when choosing garden tool products. Garden tool products are mainly used for export to European and American countries, so their design should meet the aesthetic standards of European and Americans. 

(4) The degree of automation and multifunctionality of garden tool products has increased With the development of science and technology, the degree of automation of garden tool products continues to increase. For example, gasoline saw products have an automatic brake device, which can stop rotating in a very short time, which effectively improves the safety of product use. The future development prospects of garden tool products are broad. First, with the development of the global economy and the improvement of people's living standards, there is an increasing demand for a healthy and good living environment and green life. Garden tool products have already belonged to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Essential daily necessities in the family; second, as developing countries gradually pay more attention to greening, they have increased their investment in municipal gardens and highway greening construction, increasing the demand for garden tools and products.