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  • PVC pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and stabilizer, lubricants with hot pressing extrusion molding plastic pipe material, generally used for drainage, waste water, chemicals, heating liquid and coolant transportation, food, ultra-pure liquid, mud, gas, compressed air and vacuum system transmission.


  • How is PVC hose produced?  The hose contains a large amount of plasticizer and some stabilizers and other ingredients, and there are several steps to go through during production.  


  • Due to the high quality of our copper and aluminum products, reasonable prices, and a sharp increase in orders, we have expanded our production scale. Our company has added more than 30 machines, greatly speeding up delivery.


  • Garden hose pipe is suitable for many kinds of faucets. It is easy to disassemble when irrigating or washing vehicles, restaurants, kitchens, toilets, roads, etc


  • Aluminum itself is chemically reactive. However, a dense oxide film of aluminum is formed on the surface of aluminum alloy.


  • The automatic micro-sprinkler irrigation technology of garden lawn is practical and beautiful, the control system is convenient and flexible, and it has a good landscape effect, which is very suitable for the development of real estate gardenization.


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