Company News

  • Our aluminum products are suitable for outdoor water pipes, light aging is the main damage caused by outdoor materials, so we carry out anti-aging test, so that all aspects of the performance of our products are more stable and perfect, we will also report to customers, so that customers more trust and satisfaction of our products.


  • The corrosion of the metal material surface caused by salt spray is caused by the electrochemical reaction of the contained chloride ions through the oxide layer and the protective layer on the metal surface and the internal metal.


  • In order to do a good job of fire prevention in summer and further standardize safety management, In the morning, our company employees conducted a fire training lecture.


  • Although our company was affected by the epidemic of COVID-19 this year, it is still actively expanding its business in the national market. The company's three major indicators of sales, production, and shipment all achieve good results in the first half of this year.


  • A joint is a component used to connect water pipes.According to the use of water pipe joint can be divided into: external thread end joint water pipe joint, jacket water pipe joint, self-fixing water pipe joint.The function of water pipe connection joint can reduce vibration and noise, and compensate the thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change.


  • The weather is getting hot and the temperature of our workshop is extremely high, so the managers has purchased cooling equipment for the workers, hoping that the employees can take good care of their health while completing the work successfully. Our purchaser has selected a negative pressure fan with strong wind force, environmental protection and no noise for the employees after the investigation of several professional factories.