Industry News

  • The installation of sprinkling irrigation equipment shall not affect the maintenance of lawn.Lawns require regular mowing, plant protection, fertilization, etc., which are often done mechanically.


  • Landscape design and construction both affect the landscape of landscaping, and the selection and arrangement of sprinkler heads of sprinkler systems are related to the maintenance and management of gardens.


  • Real estate gardens are characterized by leisure, appreciation and beautification.The irrigation system should coordinate and cooperate with the existing landscape, which should not only meet the needs of lawn, small shrub and tree growth, but also be ornamental and have good landscape effect.


  • Copper joints are used to connect pipes, equipment, sanitary ware, wires, cables and other products.


  • High pressure water gun: the handle metal coating has long life without cold feeling, strong fall resistance, large Angle of the gun body, long range, no matter washing cars or watering flowers, it is so convenient.


  • Polytetrafluoroethylene hose has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, self-lubricating non-viscosity, electrical insulation and excellent anti-aging ability, usually used for conveying strong corrosive medium under high temperature.