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Landscape Sprinkler Layout/Sprinkler Equipment


Type of sprinkler head: The advantages of the buried sprinkler head have been more and more widely used in the sprinkler system of urban garden and sports field.According to the different working conditions, the buried sprinkler head can be divided into fixed type and rotary type. According to the range, there are also near-range sprinkler head, middle-range sprinkler head and long-range sprinkler head. When selecting the type of sprinkler head, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Size of sprinkling irrigation area

The spray irrigation area with a small area is suitable for the use of short-range sprinkler heads. This type of sprinkler heads are mostly fixed scatterers with good water shape and atomization effect.When the spraying area is large, the use of medium and long range sprinkler head is beneficial to reduce the comprehensive cost of sprinkler irrigation project.

2. Water supply pressure

Different types of sprinkler working pressure is also different.If it is a self-pressure sprinkler system, the type of sprinkler should be selected according to the water supply pressure.When the water supply pressure is low, the near-range nozzle can be selected to ensure the normal working pressure of the nozzle;When the water supply pressure is high, the middle range nozzle can be selected, which is beneficial to reduce the project cost.For pressurized sprinkler irrigation system, the choice of working pressure of sprinkler head should also be appropriate.Too low working pressure will increase the project cost of sprinkler irrigation system, too high working pressure will increase the operating cost of sprinkler irrigation system.After the nozzle is selected, hydraulic calculation is needed to determine the head loss of the pipe network, and check whether the water supply pressure can meet the design requirements.

3. Landform and planting status
If there are many complex geomorphic structures in sprinkler irrigation area, and the water demand of different.