• The valve should be placed in a ventilated and dry privilege, and the two ends of the valve should be blocked. Both pneumatic ball valves and pneumatic butterfly valves need to keep drying. If the time is stored, it should be checked regularly, clean up regular cleaning, and the oil is applied after cleaning.


  • According to different compositions, copper alloys are divided into brass and bronze. Adding certain alloying elements (such as zinc, tin, aluminum, beryllium, manganese, silicon, nickel, phosphorus, etc.) to pure copper forms a copper alloy.


  • Due to the high quality of our copper and aluminum products, reasonable prices, and a sharp increase in orders, we have expanded our production scale. Our company has added more than 30 machines, greatly speeding up delivery.


  • The advantages of the buried sprinkler head have been more and more widely used in the sprinkler system of urban garden and sports field.According to the different working conditions, the buried sprinkler head can be divided into fixed type and rotary type. According to the range, there are also near-range sprinkler head, middle-range sprinkler head and long-range sprinkler head.


  • Garden hose pipe is suitable for many kinds of faucets. It is easy to disassemble when irrigating or washing vehicles, restaurants, kitchens, toilets, roads, etc


  • The quick joint of water pipe can realize the quick connection between water pipe and faucet and sprinkler gun, which is convenient, quick and labor-saving.