• The earliest production mode in the field of valves, because the casting type does not have enough pressure, the valve produced by this process is easy to produce sand holes, leading to product leakage and a series of problems.


  • Choose according to the installation structure.The installation structure of pipeline system includes pipe thread, flange, clamp sleeve, welding, hose, etc.Therefore, the installation structure of the valve must be consistent with the installation structure of the pipeline, and the specifications should be in line with the size.


  • The valve connected by pipe thread is connected with the pipe thread of the pipe end. The internal thread can be a cylindrical pipe thread or a tapered pipe thread, and the external thread must be a tapered pipe thread


  • International manufacturing transfer, domestic manufacturers develop independent brand building With the increase in production costs, garden tool manufacturers in developed countries in Europe and the United States have changed their minds and transferred their production and manufacturing to developing countries.


  • Our aluminum products are suitable for outdoor water pipes, light aging is the main damage caused by outdoor materials, so we carry out anti-aging test, so that all aspects of the performance of our products are more stable and perfect, we will also report to customers, so that customers more trust and satisfaction of our products.


  • The corrosion of the metal material surface caused by salt spray is caused by the electrochemical reaction of the contained chloride ions through the oxide layer and the protective layer on the metal surface and the internal metal.