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Hot Forging Stamping Technology


It is a forging press performed above the metal recrystallization temperature, our factory use this kind of technology in producing brass valve, brass nozzle, brass garden sprinklers and so on. . By increasing the temperature, the plasticity of the metal can be improved, which is conducive to improving the internal quality of the item and making it difficult to crack. 

The high temperature can also reduce the deformation resistance of the metal and the tonnage of the required forging machinery. 

However, there are many hot forging processes, the precision of the metalpiece is poor, the surface is not smooth, and the forgings are prone to oxidation, decarburization and burning. When the metapiece is large and thick, the material strength is high, and the plasticity is low (such as the rolling of extra-thick plates, the pulling length of high-carbon steel bars, etc.), hot forging is used.