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Usage of Water Pressure Gun

High pressure water gun: the handle metal coating has long life without cold feeling, strong fall resistance, large Angle of the gun body, long range, no matter washing cars or watering flowers, it is so convenient.
Usage of high-pressure water gun:
1. First, directly insert the tail joint of the sprinkler into the faucet. According to different specifications of the faucet, select 4, 6 and sealing rubber ring respectively.
2. Gently rotate the sprinkler head by hand to spray fog and water column, so that the water flow can reach the purpose of spraying and brushing.
3, the water gushing column, length up to 13 meters away, 8 meters high, fog uniform, hazy.
4. Rotate the sprinkler head to close when not in use, so that the faucet connection will not fall off.