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Distribution of Copper Bar Industry in China

Copper bar production capacity in China is mainly distributed in coastal areas.
As the world's largest producer and consumer of copper processing products, the production and consumption of Copper processing products in China are mainly concentrated in east China and South China.East China is mainly dominated by Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu, especially Zhejiang. Due to the advantages of industrial concentration, Zhejiang has become the largest copper bar producer in China, with its production capacity accounting for about 50% of the country's copper bar production capacity. Large enterprises with production capacity over 100,000 tons are concentrated, such as Jintian, Bowei and Keyu.There are more than 20 enterprises with capacity of 10,000 to 100,000 tons.In addition, the industry competition also promotes the further optimization of the industry structure, which makes many high-precision end bar factories get better development.South China is represented by guangdong, because tongbang processing mainly to mid-range products, focus on consumption in the plumbing sanitary ware, hardware, electronic and other industries, due to the existence of guangdong province foshan, zhongshan, jiangmen and other household products industry cluster advantage wei yu, have great potential in the copper demand, therefore attracted a part of the bar companies at a local factory.The size of copper rod enterprises in Guangdong is small and medium-sized, such as Guangdong Weiqiang Copper, Foshan Guodong Copper, Foshan Nanhai Yixing Copper, Guangdong Zhongnan Tian Copper, Heshan Jinzhou Copper, etc.