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Product categories and Selection Principle


Product categories

1. Copper gate valve: The gate valve refers to the valve with the closing part (gate plate) moving along the vertical direction of the channel axis. It is mainly used as cutting medium in the pipeline, that is, fully open or fully closed.

2. Copper ball valve: evolved from the plug valve, its opening and closing part is a ball, using the ball around the axis of the stem rotation 90° to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.
3. Copper globe valves: valves with a shutoff valve (disc) moving along the center line of the seat.Depending on this movement of the disc, the variation of the seat orifice is proportional to the disc travel.
4 copper check valve: depending on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the disc, used to prevent media backflow valve.
Selection principle
1. According to the selection of control functions, all kinds of valves have their own functions. The corresponding functions should be paid attention to when selecting.
2. According to the selection of working conditions, the technical parameters of commonly used valves include working pressure, maximum allowable working pressure, working temperature (minimum and maximum temperature) and medium (corrosive, inflammable), the selection should pay attention to the working conditions of the above parameters and the technical parameters of the valve.
3. Choose according to the installation structure.The installation structure of pipeline system includes pipe thread, flange, clamp sleeve, welding, hose, etc.Therefore, the installation structure of the valve must be consistent with the installation structure of the pipeline, and the specifications should be in line with the size.