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Why do we need intelligent garden irrigation system?

1. Intelligent irrigation
Want to set good irrigating procedure, can run fully automatic, rainy day closes automatically, sunny day opens automatically.For the garden management of holiday villa, it is simply a blessing.
2. irrigation
The zone control of lawn, flower shrub, grass flower and moss, and the setting of different irrigation procedures can meet the water requirements of different plants and achieve irrigation management.
3. Save labor
At present, almost all of the villa courtyard irrigation rely on manual to carry out, the use of tools are mostly a raw rubber pipe.This method is not only a waste of manpower, but also a waste of water.In garden management, with this intelligent irrigation system, the owner or garden housekeeper will hardly need to water by hand, and the labor cost savings alone can cover the investment cost in two to three years.
4. improve the quality of the garden
Intelligent irrigation management can greatly improve the survival rate of transplanting plants.The microclimate created by automatic watering can wash the dust on the leaves of plants and improve the living environment.During irrigation, the sprinkler has a variety of water features to add dynamic landscape to the courtyard and improve the quality of the garden.