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Why choose flexible copper valve?

1. Convenient installation (first apply thick white paint to the threaded connection of the pipe or raw tape to pull the union nut of the valve outward and directly screw it on the water pipe)

2. Easy to disassemble (no need to disassemble the adjacent parts or pipelines, directly screw out the nut of the valve)

3. Saving talents and parts (no need to prepare matching wires, union fittings, water pipes, etc.)

4. Time-saving and labor-saving (because the union nut of the valve and the valve body are connected together by a sealed sliding sleeve, certain movements can be made during the connection of the water pipe, and the main body of the valve will not be driven. Therefore, close to the wall and the ground It will be limited by the small distance of the pipeline gap. During installation, there is no need to disassemble the handwheel of the gate valve and the handle of the ball valve, and no spare parts are required. When removing or repairing the replacement valve, there is no need to cut or disassemble the adjacent pipeline.

Copper value consists of a valve with internal rib screw joints on both sides, the valve union nut and the valve body are connected together by a sealing sliding sleeve, and a high temperature resistant sealing ring is fixedly installed in the nut, and the connecting sleeve of the copper value and the nut is Reducing type, the union nuts on both sides are directly screwed on the water pipe, and the more screwed, the more sealed.